Intern with Us


Undergraduate and graduate interns play a big

part in our success as an agency. For the fall,

spring, and summer semesters, we offer interns a

unique experience in a social services setting where

students can earn course credit, apply classroom

theories and skills to the field, and earn valuable


At The Parenting Place, interns don't spend their

days grabbing coffee. Instead, you will be engaging

in real, hands-on work experience, which can include shadowing home visits, learning a curriculum, helping conduct screenings, and learning about the everyday functions of a nonprofit entity.

We encourage interested students majoring/minoring in human services, social work, sociology, psychology, nonprofit management, or another related field to consider joining our team of human services professionals for a semester.

Development Intern

The Parenting Place is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization aiming to provide services and resources to families in the upstate. To do so, The Parenting Place relies on event planning, private and individual donations, grants, and fundraising to support its programs. We are seeking an intern interested in:

  •      Event planning

  • Marketing/Communication

  • Community Outreach/PR

  • Networking

  • Donation Procurement

  • Grant Research

  • Similar Interests

Counseling & Supportive Services

Our counseling and supportive services program helps individuals who have experienced emotional, mental, physical or sexual violence or abuse. Our counselors work with individuals and families according to their needs, which may include immediate crisis intervention, case management and counseling.​

Interns will work according to their educational requirements during spring, fall, or summer semesters. We offer flexible scheduling, including evening hours. ​In addition to real-life application of counseling, students will learn the basics of a nonprofit organization and how it is structured. Interns will also have the opportunity to interact with the staff of additional agency programs.

Graduate and undergraduate students may apply.

Students interested in interning with us should complete the intern application below, as well as download and fill out the DSS Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Check form found HERE. Once this form is completed, please email it to or bring it with you to your interview. Thanks!




Envíenos un correo electrónico:

PO Box 931 Pickens, SC 29671


The Parenting Place ofrece igualdad de oportunidades laborales a todos los empleados y solicitantes de empleo y prohíbe la discriminación y el acoso de cualquier tipo sin distinción de raza, color, religión, sexo, identidad de género, orientación sexual, embarazo, condición de padre, origen nacional, edad , discapacidad (física o mental), historial médico familiar o información genética, afiliación política, servicio militar, otros factores que no se basen en el mérito o cualquier otra característica protegida por las leyes federales, estatales o locales.

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